Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Hint: Buttermilk

I used to hate it when a favored recipe called for buttermilk.  Who wants to buy a big, ol' container of buttermilk when all you need is a cup?  The rest inevitably would always go to waste. 

Sure, there is always the "sour milk" substitution - to substitute for one cup buttermilk, add one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to your measuring cup, then fill up to one cup with milk.

But sour milk isn't a pure substitute.  And when the recipe is really a favorite, you want the real thing.  Or, at least, I do.  However, in a Taste of Home magazine a few months ago, I saw this tip that I couldn't wait to try.  And once tried, I knew I had to share.

There is such a thing as powdered buttermilk.  How awesome is that?  It works great! Just add the powder to your dry ingredients, then replace the "buttermilk" in the recipe with the equivalent amount of water.  Easy peasy.  You keep it in the fridge, and it lasts a long time.

Who knew?!

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