Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick Hint: Eating Light

Ever have those days where you just can't bear a heavy, calorie-laden meal?  Maybe it is the summer's heat, or the fact that you've eaten out four times this particular week.  Whatever it is...sometimes lighter is just better.  And in this world of super-sized portions and everything drenched in butter, I find that, for me and family, quite often we prefer the simple, lighter dishes.

Not that you would necessarily know it to read this blog.  But quite often, particularly during the summer months, this is how we eat:

This whole meal was right around 250 calories, it was satisfying, filling, and just what we needed.

(What's on the plate: about 1/3 cup brown rice lightly buttered with Brummel and Brown spread then a little salt and pepper; about 1/3 cup boiled green beans, yellow zucchini sauteed - using cooking spray - with red and green bell peppers and canned tomatoes; and a small tilapia fillet, lightly brushed with olive oil, seasoned with kosher salt and cracked pepper, then wrapped in foil and grilled.)

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